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Kidrobot 2009 Fall Collection Delivery 2
August 29, 2009, 3:38 am
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Kirobot 2009 Fall Collection Delivery 2 has cute designs t-shirts from collaboration with Graphic Design Frank Kozik, Japanese Graphic Designer Mori Chak and Tabo.

Kidrobot經常同美國設計師Frank Kozik合作推出crossoverT-恤, 今次Kidrobot 09秋季第二擊除了繼續同Kozik推出特別版T-恤以外, 還跟日本設計師Mori Chak推出了暴力熊 (Gloomy Bear) 和Tabo推出了一些很可愛的T-恤。

Varsity Zip-up

Toy Plaid Shirt

Bloody Gloomy Men’s T-shirt (Navy)

Drop Kick Gloomy Men’s T-shirt (Purple)

Gloomy Love Hurts Women’s T-shirt (White)

Kozik Wall Street Men’s T-shirt (White)

Kozik Smorkin Angel Women’s T-shirt (Red)

Tabo Frosty Women’s T-shirt (White)

Tabo Kappat Women’s T-shirt (Navy)


Play Cloths 2009 Fall Collection
August 26, 2009, 5:05 am
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Play Cloths 2009 Fall Collection Delivery 1 has featured a colourway of black, white and red on their garments. This delivery brings us t-shirts, zip-ups, cardigans, polos and belts. You can pick them up at Eleven After Eleven store.

Play Cloths 09 秋裝系列第一炮採用了黑白紅作他們主要的配搭顏色。Play Cloths今季除了推出T-恤和有帽圍衣之外, 還推出了羊毛衫, Polo恤衫和皮帶供大家選擇。Play Cloths09 秋裝系列第一炮現已在Eleven After Eleven有售。

Home Run Zip-up Hoodie

Glass Jack Tee (White) Continue reading

Married to the MOB 2009 Fall Collection
August 24, 2009, 1:11 pm
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New York women‘s streetwear label Married to the MOB 2009 Fall Collection Delivery 1 is now available at the store. This collection brings you a new MOB lips logo tees and other clothing varieties such as v-neck t-shirt, plaid shirt, skirt and jeans. Hot chicks who is going to shop for Fall clothing shouldn’t miss this collection.

紐約龍頭女裝品牌Married to the MOB秋季2009系列第一擊現已有售。在這系列中除了MOB的最新嘴唇logoT-恤外, 還有多款不同的選擇, 例如V領T-恤, 格仔恤衫,裙子和牛仔褲。如果你正在準備購買秋裝的話, 就一定不能錯過MOB這新推出的秋季系列了。

Newness Tee (Fushia) Continue reading

Domestic Fall 09 Tees Collection
August 22, 2009, 2:09 am
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Canadian brand Domestic has just launched their FW09 tees collection for both men and women.


Cazal Tee (Black) Continue reading

WRKS Summer 09 Collection
August 14, 2009, 10:09 am
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Wrong Wroks Summer 09 Collection has arrived. They have released a new polka dots dora and some dorabob t-shirts and mesh caps. WRKS fans should not miss this collection.

加拿大品牌Wrong Wroks 09夏季系列已經到達。今次他們為大家帶來最新的波點dora和一系列的dorabobT-恤和貨車帽, WRKS迷一定不能錯過。

Polka Dots Dora Tee

Dissected Bob Tee

Pat Tee

Bob & Pat Tee

Bob & Pat Mesh Cap

East Touch Magazine Issue 741
August 11, 2009, 9:15 am
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A New York Thing (aNYthing) Summer 09 items in East Touch Magazine Issue 741.


It’s Summer Party Time!

由A-RON再主理aNYthing開始, 早已預料有新攪作和有新鮮感帶給各fans, 最新由aNYthing present, 由Dr Dunks即Eric Duncan混製mix成的《How We Do in NYC》, 充滿70年代的disco fever音效, 紙醉金迷的chilling味道, 夏日party必備! 另外出開大logo tee的aNYthing, 新作今回玩fonts和圖案, 有ABC City或ART DAMAGE等意味深遠的字樣, 驚喜度大增, 真要說句: [welcome back, A-RON!]

11after11 Logo Sticker
August 11, 2009, 7:43 am
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Get one of our 11after11 Logo Sticker when you purchase any item in our store.