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Kiks Tyo September 2012 Delivery
September 16, 2012, 12:20 am
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Kiks Tyo September 2012 Delivery has featured Aya Kiguchi, Mai Nishida Misaki Niton and Mai K on their “Sneaker & Girls” limited edition graphic tees. The tee is packaged with a free DVD copy of the KIKS®GIRL project photographed by hobby:tech.

Kiks Tyo於2012年九月份的限量版“Sneaker & Girls”系列,繼續以著名女優木口亜矢,西田麻衣,仁藤みさき和倉木麻衣作為T-恤的圖案,每件T-恤更附送hobby:tech操刀的製作特輯DVD乙張。