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October 12, 2009, 7:38 am
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We are pleased to introduce NOOKA for the first time ever at Eleven After Eleven store. NOOKA is a fashion accessories brand based in New York City with an office in Tokyo, Japan. The NOOKA watch is designed to show time through an abstract concept by using linear and graphic representation. We now bring to you the NOOKA zub 20/38 watches.

來自美國紐約的NOOKA, 是專門設計具有時尚感的手錶, 加上以抽象的設計來顯示時間更是他的特別之處。Eleven After Eleven第一次為大家引入了NOOKA的zub 20/38手錶系列, 供有多種顏色給大家作選擇和襯衫。

NOOKA has also released their new creation – NOOKA Strip. Each consumer can adjust the strip easily to their fitting with its unique release closure system. The strip is made from  BASF’s new Elastollan thermoplastic polyurethane. Elastollan is a high performance TPU that can increase the elastic memory and hydrolytic stability of a product.

NOOKA也推出了最新發明的褲帶-NOOKA Strip 。每個人可以以個人的體形調教strip的大小, 他們更用了高品質的TPU, 增加了產品的耐用度。


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