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NEW WORK by Aaron Bandaroff aka ARON the  Downtown Don is now available in Hong Kong. NEW WORK was first introduced in Honeyee by Hiroshi Fujiwara and is now available in selected retail stores worldwide. They have collaborated with some local artists, such as Dan Collen, Aurel Schmidt, Aaron Young, Adam Mcewen and Jack Walls,  to come up with this collection. If you missed it from Honeyee, then you shouldn’t miss it this time. It’s limited!

早前藤原浩在日本著名網頁Honeyee介紹及有售的紐約品牌NEW WORK, 是街頭王Aaron Bandaroff的最新力作。NEW WORK這個系列是跟一些著名的本地畫家合作推出這個系列。而NEW WORK這系列的圖案T-恤也只是在世界特定的店鋪有售, 而亞洲也只有日本和香港香港可以找到這品牌, 實在是非常罕有。藤原浩也力撐的NEW WORK, 你當然也不能錯過了。

NEW WORK X Aurel Schmidt “no I couldn’t possibly, thank you, yes”  Tee

NEW WORK X Dan Collen “Gum” Tee

NEW WORK X  Jack Walls “Balloon” Tee


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